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The Teaching and Learning of Maritime English and its Implications to Improving Communication Skills and Cultural Awareness of Filipino Seafarers

Conducted by MSEUF , Started on 2013 - Completed on 2014
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This project looked at the practices, status, issues and prospects concerning the teaching and learning of Maritime English in the country today and drew implications related to English communication skills and cultural awareness of Filipino seafarers. The methodology used in the study falls primarily within an interpretive-exploratory paradigm with the major goal of gaining an insider – or emic – perspective on the key construct of practices in the teaching and learning of Maritime English and its implications to improving the communication skills and cultural awareness of Filipino seafarers. Mixed-method research designs, drawing on both quantitative and qualitative approaches are used to enable a more rounded picture of these practices. The mixed methods design adopted consists of a survey of the profile of Maritime English teachers and their perceptions of the practices relative to the teaching of Maritime English as well as a survey of the language attitudes of learners towards Maritime English and their perceptions about learning Maritime English; and needs assessment of learners of Maritime English. The findings of the study point to the teaching and learning of Maritime English and its implication to improving communication skills and cultural awareness of the respondents. Specifically, all of the ME teachers are qualified to teach Maritime English becauseof their trainings and attendance in IMO model courses and teaching experiences through the years, not to mention their bachelor degrees in language and linguistics. Thus it is recommended that school administrators should provide more training or at least support the teachers to attend IMO model courses trainings.

Dr. Felixberto M. Mercado
Carina F. Rafa
Jahzeel L. Sarmiento
Maria Cecilia M. Jalbuena
College of Arts and Sciences
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