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Category: Agriculture and Fisheries
Subcategory: Crop Protection

Control of Coconut Scale Insects Using Organic Insecticide : A Pilot Demonstration

Conducted by DOST CALABARZON , Started on 2013 - Completed on 2014
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The field data showed that the botanical spray was effective in crushing the population of the scale insects. Moreover, the number of spraying can be reduced to one(1) with the addition of the diatomaceous earth material (DE) which means less spray needed and therefore less expensive on the part of the farmers. The first post treatment monitoring (2 weeks after the last spraying) showed that most of the scale insects are dead and those trees with live scale insects have generally low population and the number could be most ideal for natural enemy to handle. At the Philhybrid Farm, 2 out of the 20 trees showed poor control (about 60%) which could be attributed to possible poor coverage of spray due to height of trees.

Dr. Candida B. Adalla
Professor, Crop Protection, UPLB
Makapuno Farm Owners
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The technology is ready for commercial scale production.

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