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Sustainability of Some Industrial Tree Plantation Species and Fruit Trees for Fruit Wine Barrel

Conducted by DOST CALABARZON , Started on 2011 - Completed on 2013
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Result of sub-economic toxicity test of the barrel-aged wines on wistar rats showed no observable adverse effect and did not cause blood chemistry values to go beyond normal limits.

Result of organoleptic or sensory evaluation tests by expert wine tasters showed the barrel-aged wines are moderately acceptable, therefore, the wood species studied are moderately acceptable for use as wine barrels.

Based on the two (2) test conducted, the study is somehow established that wood species other than oak can be used for the aging of fruit wines that are safe and acceptable for consumption. However, it would still be wise that spinoff studies or actual chemical analysis of the wood species and the aged wines be conducted to possibly identify the chemical compound or markets for the particular taste imparted by each wood species on wine.

Simplicia B. Katigbak
Senior Science Research Specialist (TID), FPRDI-DOST
Tropical Wine and Coconut Liquor Producers
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