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Category: Environmental Protection, Natural Resources Management, and Resiliency to Disasters and Climate Change
Subcategory: Water resource management and conservation

Sensing Environmental Parameters through Telemetry (SENTRY)

Conducted by DOST CALABARZON , Started on 2014 - Completed on 2015
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SENTRY is a 24/7 ICT-enabled system that innovates the water quality monitoring and assessment of concerned advisory agencies through the deployment of devices that automates data acquisition of relevant water quality-related parameters developed by DOST. Data are transmitted to a data processing system that makes those results available over the internet. Among the parameters being gather are pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. SENTRY also has a feature that warns concerned agencies whenever the system detects that a data is nearing its critical value. Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment (WQMA) bulletins and advisories from DENR-EMB IV-A and DA-BFAR IV-A can also be disseminated by system to LGUs, fish cage owners and other stakeholders.

• Development of a prototype equipment which will gather water quality parameters remotely deployed and electronically transmit data to a centralized data store
• Development of an application software which will stores all transmitted results of the water quality monitoring DOST’s sensors and WQMA data from DENR-EMB IV-A and DA-BFAR IV-A, plot monitoring sites and generate graph of results, gather and disseminate reports (bulletins, advisories, warnings, alerts, etc.) to concerned stakeholders, and build database of Taal Lake fishing industry
• Calibration/validation of sensor-acquired data through comparison with laboratory testing

DOST 4A, DENR 4A, DENR-EMB 4A, DA-BFAR 4A, Pusod Inc., BatStateU
Taal Lake Protected Landscape, LGUs and Communities within Taal Lake, CALABARZON communities
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