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Category: Agriculture and Fisheries
Subcategory: Agricultural Economic/Agri Business

Socio-Economic Perspective of Tamarind indica Linn (Tamarind): A case of Undomesticated existence of Tamarind in Southern Batangas

Conducted by BatStateU , Started on 2008 - Completed on 2009
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The study was designed to find-out the socio-economic and production status of undomesticated tamarind in Lobo Batangas as a basis for creating production innovation in order to help the farmers satisfy with their produce.
The result of the study will extend to the Local Government of Lobo for the fruit profiling and for the formulation of program or provisions to ensure farmer’s self-sufficiency and strengthening their contributions to develop tamarind products and by-products in the locality.

Rowena O. Odoño
Jocelyn R. Castillo
Local Government of Lobo
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Batangas State University
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