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Category: Environmental Protection, Natural Resources Management, and Resiliency to Disasters and Climate Change
Subcategory: Water resource management and conservation

Water Quality Assessment of Pansipit River (A Tributary of Batangas Bay)

Conducted by BatStateU , Started on 2009 - Completed on 2009
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The aim of the study is to assess the water quality of Pansipit River in terms of physical, chemical and microbiological properties. The researchers utilized the experimental method to evaluate the water quality of Pansipit River and considered nine (9) parameters such as temperature, turbidity, total suspended solids, pH, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, phosphates, nitrates and total coliform which were determined using the Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater. The river water samples were taken from Pansipit San Nicolas, Pansipit Agoncillo, District II, Lemery and Palanas, Lemery using composite sampling.

Rosenda A. Bronce
Joe-jie Fortu
Christian Atienza
LGUs along Batangas Bay
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Conservation International
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