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Category: Tourism Development
Subcategory: Conservation and management of protected areas for ecotourism

Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring in Marine Protected Area (MPAs) of Lobo Batangas Using Automated Reef Assessment Tools

Conducted by BatStateU , Started on 2011 - Completed on 2012
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One of the neglected aspects of MPAs management is the monitoring system. Among the underlying reasons are the lack of defined monitoring system in the MPAs management plan and lack of technically equipped person to execute the monitoring and assessment. Just like much of the coastal municipality all over the Philippines, Lobo lack divers and highly technical persons to monitor and assess the state and integrity of its MPAs. The results as well as the methods can be used for preliminary assessment and monitoring of coral reef conditions within MPAs. This can be compared with the past records available to see whether there was a change in coral reefs condition. Moreover, through these methods actual situations and images along with written analysis can be presented to the LGU. This will help them to really picture out the current condition of protected areas. In the end, this assessment and monitoring system can be vital part of the management plan of every MPAs in Lobo, Batangas.

Romel U. Briones
Local Government Unit of Lobo, Batangas
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Conservation International
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