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Category: Environmental Protection, Natural Resources Management, and Resiliency to Disasters and Climate Change
Subcategory: Water resource management and conservation

Water Quality Assessment of Taal Lake (Talisay)

Conducted by BatStateU , Started on 2012 - Completed on 2013
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This project aims to characterize the Taal Lake water particularly in Talisay in order to meet the challenges imposed by rapid water environment changes and eventually come up with an appropriate management of the lake. The water quality of Taal lake was characterized in terms of eight (8) parameters. The physical and chemical properties of Taal lake were compared among stations and in terms of depths. Water samples were taken from four sampling stations namely: Station I- Sitio Tuuran, Brgy. Tabla, Station II- Brgy. Sampaloc, Station III- between Brgy. Quiling and Brgy. Tumaway and Station IV- Brgy. Aya.

Dr. Erma B. Quinay
Jocelyn R. Castillo
Rosenda A. Bronce
Emelie A. Ona
Ivy Fides R. Perez
Local Government Unit
Fund Source
Taal Lake Aquaculture Alliance Incorporated (TLAAI)
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