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Category: Manufacturing and Services
Subcategory: Product development and promotion of value-adding technologies for food and non-food products for local and international market needs

Profitable or Forfeitable: The business ecology of salted duck eggs enhanced with lemon grass and cinnamon

Conducted by BatStateU , Started on 2012 - Completed on 2015
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The project has three (3) major components:Component 1 will focus on the study regarding the shelf-life of flavoured salted duck eggs hence this will be intended for commercialization. Along the process is the identification of the nutrition pack and packaging of the final product.Component 2 will dealt on the refinement and production of the flavoured salted duck eggs for micromarketing. Raising of ducks for egg purposes in the locality will be also take into consideration in this componentComponent 3 will covered the techno-transfer of the flavoured salted duck eggs through CPAR Scheme. Target beneficiaries will be out of school youth and housewives to provide them the capability to add their family income.

Rowena O. Anyayahan
Mars G. Panganiban
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Batangas State University

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