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Category: Energy
Subcategory: Energy efficiency audit (accounting)

Energy Audit (EA) and Cleaner Production Technologies (CPT) Program

Conducted by BatStateU , Started on 2014 - Completed on 2015
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The CP/EA Program covers six firms each and focus on their improvement on the following aspects: actual conduct of cleaner production assessment and energy audit; calibration /verification of the equipment used in EA; provision of technology assistance in the selection and evaluation of clean technologies; identification of environmental performance indicators specific to the facility assessed; gathering of preliminary baseline data necessary in the cleaner production assessment from the assisted company; preparation of cleaner production assessment and/or monitoring reports; provision of recommendations for low-cost, low-risk best available practices and technologies for cleaner production implementation, based on the assesment, assessment of the economic and environmental impacts of adopting cleaner production technologies; assistance in the implementation of the cleaner production options; coordination with the assisted company to dfacilitate the progress of the CP program; monitoring of the progress of the implementation of cleaner production options; preparation of an energy audit report and presentation of the final report to the management of the assisted company; ensuring that the data and information obtained during the audit shall not be made public without the permission of the assisted company

Allan B. de Villa
Donnalyn C. Cabaces
Erma B. Quinay
Gerald T. Aguila
Ma. Lourdes V. Balansay
Manilyn Vicencio
1. Supersystem Tooling and Metalfab Inc. (Cavite)
2. Belardo Coffee Enterprises (Cavite)
3. Qualimeal Feedmills, Inc. (Batangas)
4. Macky Industrial and General Services (Batangas)
5. Pavino's Bakery (Quezon)
6. Pam's Chicken Mart (Quezon)
Fund Source
Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-CALABARZON

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