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Sex-Disaggregated Data on BSU Students

Conducted by BatStateU , Started on 2010 - Completed on 2010
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This client-focused study on sex-disaggregated data among BSU college students is an initial step towards establishing sex-disaggregated data bank for BSU students. This gender responsive knowledge-base could complement and support efforts to integrate and promote gender equality in the University. The data gathered could be of great help in determining whether gender inequalities exist in the choice of programs of study offered by the colleges university wide. If gender inequality exists, then there is a need to look into the factors that brought about this situation. This could lead to appropriate actions that may open opportunities for students to have equal access to tertiary education and to the programs of study offered by the Batangas State University.

Virginia M. Baes
Zenaida B. Mendoza
Batangas State University
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Batangas State University
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