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Category: Tourism Development
Subcategory: Conservation and management of protected areas for ecotourism

Technology Demonstration on Pyramid Type of Artificial Reef with Attached Corals (PARAC) Establishment in Lobo, Batangas

Conducted by BatStateU , Started on 2014 - Completed on 2015
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The general objective of the project is to test the applicability of the 'Pyramid Type of Artificial Reef with Attached Corals (PARAC) approach to resource management, specifically, it aims to achieve the following specific objectives: Develop an eco-artificail reef (EAR) that will provide the necessary mcro-environment for successful coral growth; Establish technology sites for Artificail Reef; Transplant the 1,600 COPs to teh deployed Pyramid Type of Artificial Reef; Promote science-based Artificial Reef Management practices through public-private sector partnership

Ronald B. Agum
Domingo Luistro Jr.
Romel U. Briones
Alex Corachea
Local community of Lobo, Batangas
Fund Source
Batangas State University

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