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Isolation, Structure Elucidation and Biological Activities of Secondary Metabolites from Indigenous Plants

Conducted by CvSU Completed on 2009
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The biological activities such as hypoglycemic and inflammatory effects of aqueous leaf tea extract and ent-kaurenoic acid, a diterpene, which has been isolated from CH2Cl2 extract from the leaves and tubers of yacon were investigated. Results showed that hypoglycemic activity was observed in normoglycemic mice orally administered with the aqueous Smallantus sonchifolius leaf tea extract, alloxan-indujced diabetic mice orally administered with ent-kaurenoic acid and normoglycemic mice intraperitoneally administered with the compound from S. sonchifolius leaves. A single dose administration of 50 mg/kg BW yacon leaf tea extract demonstrated immediate but relatively short hypoglycemic activity, with significant effects observed during 1-2h. Similarly, administration with 100 mg/kg BW yacon leaf tea extract obtained by heavy stirring in hot water demonstrated a more potent activity compared to the positive control at 1.5-2.0h

Agnes Alimboyoguen
scientists, pharmacists
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