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Category: Agriculture and Fisheries
Subcategory: Crop Protection

Isolation, Identification and Pathogenicity of Organisms Associated with Dragon Fruit

Conducted by CvSU Completed on 2009
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A total of 143 microbial isolates were obtained from 17 diseased samples. They were identified as Colletotrichum gloesosporoides which cause anthracnose on stem and fruit; Fusarium proliferatum which cause red spot on the stem; F. oxysporum which cause blotch on fruit; F. sporotrichioides which cause wilt on flower; Ceratocystis paradoxa which cause scab on stem; Curvularia lunata which cause brown spot on stem; Pestalotiopsisversicolor which cause black necrotic spot on the stem; Enterobacter cloacae which cause soft rot on stem, fruit and flower; Aspergillus niger which cause stem and fruit blight; Serratia marcescens which cause yellow rot on stem and flower; and Penicillium glabrum which cause black rot on the fruit.

"Adelaida E. Sangalang
Conrado Mamaril

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