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Growth performance and survival of silver pompano, Trachinotus blochii (Lacépède, 1801) at different feeding frequency in marine floating cages

Conducted by BFAR-RFRDC4A Completed on 2012
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The effect of different feeding frequency on the growth performance and survival of silver pompano, Trachinotusblochii (Lacépède, 1801) from postlarvae to juvenile stage in marine floating cages were investigated. Silver pompano postlarvae(0.30+0.02g and 1.61+0.01cm - 0.32+0.02g; - 1.72+0.02cm) were stocked into twelve (12) units of bamboo cages measuring 1mx1m. Four treatments on feeding frequency with three replicates were used: T1 = once d-1 (0800h),T2= twice d-1 (0800 and 1700h ), T3 = thrice d-1 (0800, 1200 and 1700h), T4 = four times d-1 (0800, 1200, 1500, and 1700h) arranged in a completely randomized design. After 60 days culture, the growth of silver pompano at different feeding frequency was significantly different among treatments (P<0.01). The best growth performances (determined in terms of average weight and standard length) were recorded in T4 (9.24+0.16g; 7.07+0.06 cm)and T3 (8.72+0.22g; 6.89+0.06cm) while T2 (4.15+0.53g; 5.67+0.18 cm) and T1(4.0+0.40g; 5.49+0.25cm) had the least growth. In this study, growth performance of silver pompano from postlarvae to juvenile increased as frequency of feeding increased. The feeding frequency from one, two, three and four times feeding day-1 significantly improved growth performance, SGR, DWG and feed efficiency. The silver pompano fed at higher feeding frequency grew faster than those fed at lower frequency.

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