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A Graduate Tracer Study of BST and BSHRM Graduates of MSEUF, S.Y. 2003 – 2006

Conducted by MSEUF , Started on 2011 - Completed on 2012
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This study tried to find out the success of hospitality education of MSEUF in their chosen field. Specifically, the researchers sought to answer the following questions: What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of Sex; Age; Civil status; Year graduated; and Location or Place of Work? What is the present status of the graduates of BS Tourism and BS HRM of MSEUF in terms of Nature of employment or work; Occupation; Present Employment Status; Gross Monthly income; “First job”; Reasons for Staying in the First Job; Reasons for Working Abroad? What particular educational qualifications in terms of skills and academic trainings have great help to the graduates in relation to their present job? What is the success rate of the graduates of hospitality education of MSEUF in relation to their chosen field in terms of percentage in Employability; In-line with specialization; Waiting Period before First job? What implications and enhancement programs can be deduced from the foregoing study?
The Graduate Tracer Study of CHED was adopted in this study. The researchers believed that this paradigm will comprehensively explain the ideas presented in this study. The respondents where chosen through the educational qualifications, the graduates of BSHRM and BST. This study traced the nine graduates of BS Tourism and forty-one BS HRM from SY 2003-2006. They were traced from the different place of employment or self-employment.
Majority of the graduates of BS Tourism and HRM of MSEUF who participated on this study as respondents were female, 26 – 30 years old, single, graduates of year 2006 and working in the native country, Philippines, works in hospitality establishments holding a position in line with their specialization. Majority of the respondents cited that they received a gross monthly income of P 30,000.00 and above, works in abroad and hotel industry in the native country. For the respondents who are currently working abroad, majority of them did not find suitable position and job opportunity in their native country and others cited that they receive higher salary.
Skills and academic trainings have great help to the graduates in relation to their present job, that Human Relation Skills, Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills and Technical Skills were among the skills needed on the respondents’ present job in which it can be noticed that common among these skills is that these are all with connection in interaction with other people or dealing with other people.

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