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Category: Manufacturing and Services
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Design, Fabrication and Testing of the Drainage Cleaner

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2019 - Completed on 2020
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This recent year, the problem of waste disposal is a worldwide problem. Waste commonly dumps into the ocean, rivers, drainage and in the gutter which cause a blockage of the water flow. This event causes flooding in an area especially on rainy days. Moreover, it also brings diseases to a labor cleaner if manual extraction of waste blockage is done. In this project, the concept is to replace the manual work in cleaning the drainage to prevent the flooding and inflecting diseases which can be acquired from the bacteria coming from the drainage. Based on the result, it was found out that it is more effective than the existing drainage cleaner. Also, it was found out that this project has more collecting capability than the existing project. Further, it was found out that it is capable of catching a waste of 5.29 kg. per minute.

John Earl C. Biore, Renly D. Pahulayan and Julius B. Codilla
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