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Category: Manufacturing and Services
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Portable Rotary Multi-Layer Sand and Gravel Separator Device

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2019 - Completed on 2020
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One of the activities in construction sites that takes time is the sorting or separation of sand between gravels for their specific uses. This activity requires the minimum count of five (5) unskilled workers that have a minimum wage of 350-400 pesos/day, to separate the different medium. It often gives occupational illnesses like muscle pain and back pain because of the redundant muscle movement. This study aimed to design and develop the portable rotary sand and gravel separator device. It determined the torque needed, power requirement at constant rpm, operational cost of the equipment, volume produced during certain period of operation, device sorting efficiency, and the return of investment. During testing, by using dry mixture the sorting duration is lesser than using the wet mixture and the efficiency of the equipment reaches its maximum efficiency which is at 100% compare when using a wet mixture that only reaches the efficiency of 99.93%. Sorting period is also dependent on the angle of its feeder funnel and to the orriface diameter, the larger the equipment, the greater volume will be produced. Sorting period also depends on the inclination angle of the cylinders. The greater the angle, the faster the mixture travels out to the cylinder. Shaft and chai and sprockets alignment play a very Important role in the design to avoid mechanical failures during actual operation.

Eugene B. Potoy, Jeffrey D. Gular and Francis Almia
Construction workers, contractors, and engineers
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