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Pendulum Operated Hand Water Pump

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2019 - Completed on 2020
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The traditional hand water pump may take more efforts; the man who operates traditional hand water pump has to apply his force continuously on the lever of pump. Hand water pump with a pendulum is a very simple solution in pumping water. It provides alleviation of work, because it is enough to move the pendulum occasionally with a little force to pump the water, instead of large swings. The research is concentrated on working and effectiveness of the mechanism. Considering all of the advantages of the mechanism, it provided energy required to lift the water from a tank placed approximately several meter below the ground level. Based on the result, it was found out that the project is functional, economical and efficient. It was also found pout that the mass of the pendulum to be used is approximately 6 kgs. To move the piston in the cylinder and vacuum the water from a height maximum of 7 meters below the pump.

Rex Vincent M. Bregaudit, Marc V. Lumapas & Gerry V. Urboda
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