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Virtual Rebuilding of Sanctuario de Las Almas (Popularly known as Dambana de San Jose de Las Almas) in Tayabas, Quezon

Conducted by MSEUF , Started on 2010 - Completed on 2011
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The virtual rebuilding of the Sanctuario de Las Almas (popularly known as Dambana de San Jose de Las Almas in Tayabas, Quezon) would be beneficial to the scholars and concerned sectors and institutions with the focus of this research study on rediscovering its structure. This opportunity to have a glimpse of its structure shall heighten awareness of and enable to understand its significance and corollary look forward to its recognition as a local and country’s historical landmark and part of the built heritage.

The people of the Municipality of Tayabas shall benefit most from this study which will enable them to appreciate the richness of their own history and culture and be aware of their potential contribution in the promotion of the preservation and conservation of the Sanctuario de Las Almas.

Parenthetically, this study shall serve as input to further the development of programs, courses and other activities within academic communities and institutions that will help educators and students in developing their intellectual knowledge in history and the development of critical and independent thinking in relation to structural and community planning.

Angeles Z. Almazan
Melba F. Sardea
College of Architecture and Fine Arts
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Institutional Research Fund
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