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Micro Network ICT Class Scheduling

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2019 - Completed on 2020
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This study aimed to develop a Micro Network ICT Class Scheduling for a fluent preparation of class schedules of the ICT Department at the Palompon Institute of Technology, Palompon, Leyte. The development integrated an alogorithm for automated plotting and conflict-checking of the differernt scheduling entities based on their availability considering different constraints and preferences. The respondents of the study are the ICT Department of PIT. The study utilized the descriptive method. The respondents of the study were the 6 faculty of the ICT department and the randomly selected students of ICT. The application was developed using Hypertext Preprocessor of PHP programming language. MYSQL was being used as a database for data storing. ICT Department created their class schedules using the manual process. The problems relative to the manual scheduling of classes were compared to the automated process of scheduling. Findings revealed that there is a significant effect of the use of the application to the occurences of the scheduling problems. The assessment of the respondents on the proposed system got an overall weighted mean of 4.84 with a qualitative description of "Very Satisfactory". Based on the findings of the study, the researchers concluded that the proposed system was a really big help to the ICT Department of PIT. With regards to the assessments of the Micro Network ICT Class Scheduling using PHP, it was highly preferred by the respondents. The proposed system was very effective and it can prevent conflicts in scheduling of classes.

Mark D. Alcantara, Annalie Ann B. Ayeras, Justine Pwarl Casil, Menchu B. IbaƱez, Ivy Ann B. Paler, Fatima Mae D. Lamoste & Ruby Mary G. Encenzo
PIT Administrators, faculty, and students
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