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Category: Manufacturing and Services
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Motorcycle Anti-Theft and Engine Immobilizing System with Shock Sensor and GPS Using Arduino

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2019 - Completed on 2020
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This study aimed to determine the usage of the biometric motorcycle starter in Palompon, Leyte. This information was collected from 367 drivers in Palompon, Leyte. Biometric motorcycle starter provides efficient and definite information. The method used by the researchers in this study is the quantitative and qualitative method of research. Quantitative method of research emphasizes objective measurements and statistical, a numerical analysis of data collected through questionnaires and surveys. Qualitative method of research implies emphasis on the qualities of entities. The researchers applied random sampling. In this technique, each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected as subject. The entire process of sampling is done in a single step with each subject selected independently of the other members of population. The respondetns of the study are the registered motorbike drivers. Based on the result of the study, the researchers concluded that the biometric motorcycle starter that was developed helps the drivers since they are still using the traditional way of starting the motorcycle and it helps those drivers who always forget their keys. With regard to functionality, usability and efficiency of the biometric motorcycle starter, it is functional as being rated by the respondents with "Strongly Agree".

Larry B. Encienzo, Jennie Rose C. Cusare, Catherine A. Itol, Angelica M. Mangguhom, Cristy G. Monte, Evelyn Pintoy & Jonathan F. Cabardo
Motorcycle owners
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