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Web-Based Instructor's Performance Evaluation System in PIT

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2019 - Completed on 2020
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Web-based Instructor's Performance Evaluation System will give effortless gathering and more accurate data analysis of instructor's evaluation in lesser time. The system is a paperless process in which the evaluators (students, peer and the chairperson) used the computer or smartphones to evaluate the instructor instead of the manual procedure. The purpose of the study is to provide the college afast, efficient and reliable process of doing an evaluation for the faculty members of each college. This research used a quantitative and descirptive methodology. The system evaluation was performed by the respondents within the research locale, COTE, who were also the users of the system. They consisted of five chairpersons, 15 faculty and 80 students, having a total of 100 respondents who were randomly selected. After a thoroguh test on the system as evaluated by the intened end0users, it was found out that the overall acceptance rating given by the respondents on the developed system has a general weighted mean of 4.61. Based on the findings and conclusions of the study, the following recommendations are suggested: the system may be utilized byb the school in order to solve the difficulty in evaluating the performance of the instructors, researchers recommend the use of the proposed system instead of the mnual process, and the researchers recommend for further improvement of this research by future researchers.

Bernard Christian Costelo, Jerico Auxilio, Maria Allona Eulogio, Fritz John Estrada, Francis Zeus Letrondo, Julan Bantillo, Lorraine Tabon & Frederick Retuya
PIT Administrators and faculty
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