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Exploring Teachers’ Pedagogical Systems and Instructional Decisions in English Language Teaching

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2019 - Completed on 2020
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This case study explored the pedagogical systems and instructional decisions of secondary school teachers in English language teaching. Data were obtained through semi-structured interviews, stimulated recall interview and classroom observations with eight teacher cases teaching in different school settings. Content analysis on the cases’ verbal feedbacks revealed a number of their pedagogical systems which are grouped into five themes: planning, building and sustaining students’ interest, facilitating students to learn, matching instruction with students’ needs and abilities, and measuring students’ learning. Based on the classroom observation data, the cases made instructional decisions which were predominantly in line with their pedagogical systems. Moreover, results of the study revealed that what teachers’ know, think and believe may not always concur due to the confluence of different contextual factors. An emergent theory illustrating such relationship is discussed.

Claudine L. Igot
Secondary school administrators, English teachers, and students
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