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Panoramic Perspectives of the Winning Dance Festivals of Eastern Visayas: A Cross-Case Analysis

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2018 - Completed on 2020
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The epistemology of this study lies in the actual processes and experiences of the participants who joined a national festival competition in the Eastern Visayas Region. Henceforth, this study unravelled the hidden stories, narratives, and historical underpinnings of four festivals in the region in order to understand and explore hidden secrets in winning the national festival competition. A multiple-case study utilizing the cross-case data analysis to the different selected cases based on the selection criteria set by the proponent was used. This was validated and approved by the panel of experts. The main instrument of this study was a semi-interview which recorded using a digital device, transcribed using Microsoft Word, coded and extracted using a macro program embedded in the MS Word. Informed consent from the participants was sought before the conduct of the interview. The anonymity of the interviewed respondents was upheld. To augment the veracity of the data, this study collected documents from the different municipalities where the winning festivals were. The results revealed themes about the quality management techniques and styles, budgetary requirements, production designs and techniques, personal and emotional attributes, religiosity, and challenges encountered. Therefore, spending time in conducting rigorous research about the festival being produced, choosing the right people in the production, and sufficiency and efficiency of budgetary requirements are highly encouraged.

Nelson N. Enage
festival dance choreographers and producers
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