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Effectiveness of Case Study Method in Teaching Biodiversity and Environmental Issues in Science

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2019 - Completed on 2020
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Science is a body of knowledge gain from the environment. The main purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the Case Study Method in teaching Science in BSHM students done in one of the government tertiary schools. This study utilized the pre-test-post-test design to measure the students’ achievement of the topic: Biodiversity and the Healthy Society, specifically “Environmental heath related issues and concerns” this is Chapter 3, Lesson 2, of Science, Technology and Society (STS) course, based from CHED curriculum guide, (GEC, CMO series #20, 2013). BSHM students were the experimental group, exposed to the case study method and while the BACom students were the control group which was exposed to the conventional/traditional method of teaching, using the developmental activities of CHED curriculum guide. Both groups were taught the same topics. An achievement test was made by the researcher as the pre-test-post-test instrument, which undergo validity testing before the students took the pre-test and post-test. The z-test for independent samples at 0.05 level of significance was used to determine if there was a significant difference in the pre-test and the post-test scores of the experimental and control groups. Based from the computed results of the two groups, the mean gain score of the experimental group was very high than the mean gain score of the control group. This suggests that the Case Study Method was very effective than the control group. This could be due to the nature of the cases utilized which were reality-based cases and the learners were free to inject their own opinions. It developed the students’ communicative skills and enabled them to gain confidence in expressing their own views.

Ma. Lourdes B. Paloma
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