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T&L Processes in Engineering Chemistry: A Proposed Enhanced Instructional Design

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2018 - Completed on 2020
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Poor performance of the students in their courses may be due to instructions that are not carefully planned. This study aimed to develop a proposed enhanced instructional design (I.D) for chemistry course after assessing the teaching and learning (T &L) processes particularly, the congruency of the syllabus to the program outcomes set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the level of performance of the students in the final summative examination, the learning styles of the students, and the teaching styles actually catered in teaching; and in consideration of the teaching and learning theories and concepts. The study made use of QUAL-quan mixed research design in order to evaluate the teaching and learning processes. Comparative analysis was used to assess the congruency of the syllabus to the program outcomes set by CHED. The Index of learning styles instrument developed by Felder and Soloman was used to profile the learning styles of the students, and classroom observations were conducted to describe the actual teaching styles catered in delivering the select topics in general chemistry. Item analysis was used to select the topics for classroom observations. The scores of the summative examination were used to determine the level of performance of the students. The performance of the students was found to be poor and the teaching styles do not match with the learning styles of the students. Review on the educational theories, concepts, and designs on teaching and learning; and the evaluation results, became the foundation for the proposed enhanced instructional design called FIER, which stands for formulation, implementation, evaluation, and review-revision. FIER promotes a learning styles-based education.

Camilo A. Tabinas
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