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Sensory Acceptability of the Three Varieties of Mud Clam Sisig: A Descriptive Analysis

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2019 - Completed on 2020
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Mud clam is a very nutritious and delicious marine product. However, due to the unavailability of its recipes, most people hesitate to buy this product. This is the very reason why the researchers prepared it into three varieties of Sisig and aimed to know their sensory acceptabilities. They purposively selected the 270 tasters (90 per variety). The tasters rated the products using the 9-point hedonic rating scale in terms of taste, spiciness, aroma, tenderness, appearance, and overall acceptability. The frequencies, means, percentages, and One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) were utilized to analyze the data. Data revealed that the skilled workers/laborers and pedicab drivers extremely liked the taste of Sisig 1. While the carenderia owners/cooks extremely liked Sisig3. All the six groups of evaluators very much liked Sisig 2. Based on aroma, the pedicab drivers extremely liked Sisig 1. While the employees very much liked the three varieties. Based on tenderness, the pedicab drivers, teachers, employees, and students very much liked the three varieties. Based on appearance, the pedicab drivers extremely liked Sisig 1, while all the rest of the evaluators very much liked the three varieties. All the groups of tasters very much liked the three varieties in terms of their spiciness and overall acceptability. Except on tenderness, there were no significant differences in their ratings on taste, spiciness, aroma, and appearance. Hence, Sisig 1 was the most acceptable variety among the three varieties, followed by Sisig 3 and then by Sisig 2.

Pelar Elizza T. Maraya, Roel I. Sabang, Ma. Marilyn L. OLavides, & Maria Francisca P. Sarino
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