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Transformational Leadership and Self-Efficacy of Academic Heads of SUCs in Leyte and Biliran Provinces

Conducted by PIT , Started on 2018 - Completed on 2020
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This paper examined the relationship between transformational leadership (TL) and self-efficacy (SE) of academic heads in the implementation of a customized English language curriculum (CELC) among technological state universities and colleges in Leyte Provinces and Biliran. Results manifested that academic leaders practiced transformational leadership and are self-efficacious enough but with only moderate level in the effectiveness of CELC implementation. In the four identified transformational leadership components, except idealized influence, three of which demonstrated a significant relationship with CELC components, although in varying degrees. Moreover, self-efficacy sources, especially vicarious experiences and verbal persuasion manifested moderate to high significant relationships with effective CELC curriculum implementation. Likewise, verbal persuasion and physiological/emotional condition manifested significant relationship with CELC-resource and CELC-contextual/community influence components, respectively. Regression analysis showed that TL-individualized consideration component explained a 37.6% of variation with CELC-resource component, while 52.3% with CELC-contextual/community components while SE-verbal persuasion demonstrated the following: 41.0% variation for CELC-resource, 61.0% for CELC-process and 61.0% for CELC-physiological/emotional condition, respectively. Results further revealed that TL-individualized consideration and SE-verbal persuasion demonstrated stronger influence or effect on CELC-implementation, while SE-physiological/emotional had lesser influence with CELC implementation. This implies that academic leaders, in order to carry out effective curriculum implementation, should provide more emphasis on school culture, its beliefs, practices and academic atmosphere but most of all empower human resources considered backbone of the workplace and can be directly affected by any curriculum shifts.

Sonia A. Pajaron
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