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Category: Environmental Protection, Natural Resources Management, and Resiliency to Disasters and Climate Change
Subcategory: Environment protection and conservation

Trial planting of seven indigenous tree species applied with mycorrhiza

Conducted by ERDB Completed on 2011
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Pilot demonstration of seven (7) indigenous tree species applied with 3 Glomus isolates was established in De La Salle University-Canlubang to determine the growth performance of the species when inoculated with mycorrhiza.

Bitaog ( Callophylum inophylum ) and molave ( Vitex parviflora ) had the highest survival of 83.33 and 82.81 % and mean count of 13.33 and 13.25 respectively, while batino ( Alstonia macrophylla ), dungon ( Heritiera sylvatica ) and ipil ( Intsia bijuga ) obtained the lowest survival of 24.48, 15.10 and 7.3%, respectively.

Efficacy of 3 mycorrhizal isolates varied after the 18 th month of establishment. M 2 (Glomus sp. from mahogany Bansud, Camarines Norte province and M 1 (Glomus sp. from narra Quezon National Park provenance) obtained the highest average height and diameter increments of malapapaya to 64 cm x 4.56 cm and 159 cm x 4.8 cm, respectively. Batino, ipil and akleng parang seedlings with M 1 had 185 cm x 2.83 cm, 110 cm x 1.7 cm and 112 x 1.9 cm, respectively, while the effectiveness of M 3 (Glomus sp. from mahogany, Dacanay Reforestation provenance) was noted only on malapapaya with 145 cm x 6.3 cm compared with the other species tested. Untreated seedlings of bitaog and molave with 111.2 x 1.7 cm and 146.7 x 1.74 cm, respectively, performed much better compared with the treated and untreated seedlings of the 5 species.

Dayan, Maria D P
Reaviles, Rosalinda S
Mauricio, Romana A
Bueno, Aguinaldo Jr C
Mojica, Carmelita M
Chicano, Dionisia
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