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Category: Environmental Protection, Natural Resources Management, and Resiliency to Disasters and Climate Change
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Development of Strategies for the Production of Quality Planting Materials

Conducted by ERDB Completed on 2010
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A four-year program on the development of strategies for the production of quality planting materials has been implemented nationwide. It was consisted of several components which included verification, identification and assessment of existing and new seed sources, conduct of propagation protocol experiments of demand-driven species, provenance/progeny trials of pre-determined species by selected regions and management turn-over of all the verified/identified seed sources including the provenance trial sites to authorized stakeholder(s).

More than 4,000 plus trees of 86 species under 27 families from 83 locations were verified, assessed and identified. Thirty-nine (39) existing stands were verified and fifty-one (51) new stands discovered. Sixty-four (64) indigenous and twenty-two (22) exotic species were identified. The top 5 indigenous species with most number of stem counts were MOlave (273), Narra (245), PILI (218), White Lauan (149) and Mayapis (120) while for exotic species, Mahogany (1,208), Yemane (240), Falcata (132), Auri (117) and Mangium (76).

Ninety-seven (97) propagation protocol experiments were conducted to 62 unique species with 32 species propagated successfully using different propagation origin: CUTTINGS (12 species) - Agohol del Monte, Batikuling, Bignai, Dangula, Molave, Narek, Palosapis, Petroleum Nut, Sakat, Toog, White Lauan and Yakal; MARCOTS (5 species) - Adelfa, Balitbitan, Batikuling, Kamuning and Saraca; WILDLINGS (10 species) - Bantigi, Dangula, Dao , Mahogany, Mindanao Cinnamon, Narek, Narra, Pagatpat, Sambulauan and Taualis; and SEEDS (9 species) - Agoho (Beach Agoho), Ayangile, Banaba, Bignai, Dita, Dungon, Mamalis, Olayan and Spotted Gum/lemon Eucalyptus. Yakal and Mindanao Cinnamon both underwent two separate cuttings and wildlings propagation protocol experiments, respectively.

Narra, MOlave and Yemane were the pre-selected species subject of progeny testing of Region 4A, Region 7 and Region 11, respectively. Preliminary results showed that the most promising provenances tested in Region 1 while the best provenances experimented in Region 7 and 11 both originated from Region 8.

Cadiz, Rafael T
Dimayuga, Maura D
Landicho, Marilyn Q
Barbosa, Enrico L
Alinsunurin, Alan P
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